The Awards

The Awards

The Ghana CEO Awards is a prestigious honorary special recognition awards programme that recognises and rewards leadership excellence across all sectors in Ghana.

The Awards provides a platform to recognize and celebrate individuals that play a significant role in the growth and development of their business sectors. This is the premier event in Ghana which seeks to celebrate achievement, Innovation and brilliant leadership within the business environment of Ghana.

The Awards is a benchmark of excellence for leadership performance despite recurring challenges. The benchmark for leadership performance would be based on some key performance indicators (KPIs). Key among them are innovation, sustainability, CSR, job creation and profits.

The Purpose

  • To reward CEOs that have played a defining role in moving their industry forward and has demonstrated achievement across a wide variety of domains including sustainability, leadership excellence, innovation and others.
  • To identify projects and individual achievements that have enabled their Business to set themselves apart from their competitors and that have produced clear and compelling value and other relevant results.

The Plaque & Medal Concept

The plaque is molded to demonstrate “Valor”. The upper part has the word CEO in capitals representing boldness sitting on a black crystal base that symbolizes safety and security. The ‘O’ in the “CEO” is molded in the form of a shield with the adinkra leadership symbol inscribed on it to signify the ultimate protector. All these embodies the kind of CEOs we seek to project and celebrate.

The Medal

The MEDAL also molded in the form of a shield with the adinkra leadership and a verified symbol inscribed on it. The verified symbol confirms that you are a successful CEO in your field of business and ultimately have enrich and improve the lives of as many people as possible.

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