The CEO Vision

The CEO Documentary

The Ghana CEO vision is an iconic premium brand that covets and provides the biggest pitching platforms for CEOs who have used the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, our country. The project will bring together the best of CEOs from each business sector in our country.

We exist to recognize these idea transformers and serve as a source of information, inspiration and motivation for them (leaders, executives, investors and entrepreneurs). Our aim is to generate great ideas, and recognize and promote excellence in and around our country.


Stay Ahead of the Game, Get Verified


The biggest, outmost exposure you deserve as a CEO will be delivered on this platform.

The Approach

The CEO vision project is a 12 minute episodic documentary film of CEOs set on a glamorous stage with each CEO having their special moment on that stage. These CEOs will be the best CEOs from each industry in our country.

The moderator will lead each of them through a path that will unravel their innovations, vision and experience that made them deserving of an award from the Ghana CEO Awards in a particular year.

Each episode ushers the CEO in with at most, a one minute powerful narrative of him/her, followed by a one on one interview amidst a flash back of his/her real life hobbies and experiences. This will be followed by the job-factor-question which will focus on the current job trends and end with a job opportunity announcement by the CEOs. We climax the episode by honoring and celebrating the CEO with the Ghana CEO Awards plaque, medal and some fireworks.

The documentary film will have its own unique Africa themed sound track whiles the entire film will be spiced with classic music.

The entire season is preceded by a grand unveiling event of the top 100 CEOs and the award plaque led by H.E. the President of the republic (CEO of Ghana)

The Benefits

Broadcast Medium

The CEO project will be accompanied by massive pre and post publicity campaigns on billboards, digital media platforms, television, radio and print media.

The project will produce seasonal content with about 15 episodes that will be broadcasted across the globe on DSTV and in Ghana on TV3 and GTV. A thought provoking and inspiring interview of each CEO will also be profiled in the Daily Graphic.

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