About us

This is a multi-dynamic media platform that will enable CEOs to stay relevant, stay connected, stay ahead of the game and get verified for their good works. It will focus on profiling our best CEOs, documenting their innovation, leadership skills, great works and projecting them nationally and globally. The platforms are:

  • Ghana CEO Vision
  • Ghana CEO Awards
  • Ghana CEO Profiles
  • The CEO News

Our content will create conversations on all platforms, while our voice becomes the one that matters in decision making and shaping the policies of our country. We will work to ensure that we provide value and opportunities to everyone we deal with. We want to be a connector and facilitator, and ultimately enrich and improve the lives of as many people as possible.


To provide a thriving platform for CEOs to stay connected, stay relevant, stay ahead of the game and to be celebrated


Create opportunities and Celebrate Visionaries


Your Ultimate Leap